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At CanDan Consulting Services we take your communications needs seriously. We provide tailor-made language learning solutions that suit your specific requirements and needs.

We offer courses relevant for your business and academic goals such as presentation courses, writing courses which include practical assistance in preparing professional documents and correspondence and much more.

Are you planning to go back to school? If so, one of our IELTS preparation courses might be for you. Or a Cambridge exam? We have over 20 years of experinece preparing people for these internationally renowned tests taking them to the next step in their career.



Exam preparation courses: IELTS & Cambridge exams

CanDan Consulting Services offers a range of academic  proofreading, translation and editing services. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service which not only looks for "mistakes" in their text but also considers the overall message and how best to communicate it. With over 20 years experience in proofreading academic text in a range of disciplines we deliver accurately edited text for thesis submissions, pre-publication as well as regular term papers.

Proofreading and Editing Services 

At CanDan Consulting Services we take your text seriously. Whether it's a school paper, business letter, proposal or thesis that you need proofread or translated you will get timely and professional services. We specialize in academic and scientific English with a team of proofreaders and writers who can help turn your research into well-crafted results for pre-publication.


We also offer:

  • Power Point presentations
  • CVs and Resumes
  • Cover letters for job applications


All at affordable rates and with quick delivery.


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English Exam Preparation Courses

IELTS (B1/B2-C2)

First Certificate in English (B2)

Cambridge Advanced English (C1)

Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2)

Upper Secondary School English (Gymnasium)

English Courses for

Work and School

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