Private Lesson Packages


IELTS Private: 3 or 6 weeks of lessons, all levels, flexible start dates with weekly or twice weekly meetings of 1.5 hours per time and feedback on writing tasks between sessions. Materials included


IELTS Private Extended: 6 or 12 weeks of lessons,all levels, flexible start dates with weekly or twice weekly meetings of 1.5 hours per time and feedback on writing tasks between sessions. Materials included


IELTS Private Basic: 4 hours of lessons, focused on the essential elements of the exam. All levels and with flexible start dates with feedback on 4 writing tasks.


IELTS Assisted Self-Study: 3 hours of support and feedback on written work and speaking tasks, or other sections of the test. This course has flexible start dates and is ideal for advanced exam takers who need to deal with specific problem areas.




IELTS Academic and General Training Packages:


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IELTS: International English Language Testing System

The IELTS is a world-wide English language testing standard accepted by universities as an entrance requirement, governments for immigration point systems and employers as reliable certification of English language skills and ability. The exam consists of four modules: speaking, listening, reading and writing which use a scoring system ranging from 1-9. The most common score required for entrance to an institution of higher education in Denmark is 6.5, although this can vary depending on discipline. International unverisities and employers often require specific scores in each module, so knowing what you need in advance of exam preparation is essential.


At CanDan Consulting Services we specialize in IELTS preparation. Drawing on over 15 years of experience in preparing individuals and groups for this essential exam, we provide a range of exam preparation packages for users of English at all levels with focused, realistic objectives to ensure that you get the score you need to meet your goals.


We offer:

  • focused tutorials on areas of weakness in the four modules of the exam;
  • essential exam strategies and time management exercises;
  • flexible scheduling for one-to-one sessions and weekend groups sessions;
  • a combination of preparation material and exam practise under exam conditions;
  • focus on both general and topic specific vocabulary for the test;
  • free evaluation of your current IELTS level.